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Managing Stor. Simple Using Stor. Simple Data Protection Console. In our previous post, we have walkthrough by using web console and some configuration. Besides than web console, you can configure Stor. Simple by using snap in that separately download from Storsimple website require to sign in. Its allows the user to easily creates and manages snapshots, cloud clones and the associated schedules for volumes. By using console, you will be able to perform application consistency backup. Before start configure your backup policy, you are require to configure Volume Group. Do tick the volume that belong to Stor. StorSimple adjusts and rearranges data and storage assignments as usage patterns change. For example, some information might become less active over time. StorSimple security and data protection. You can access Windows PowerShell for StorSimple by connecting to the serial console on the. StorSimple data protection. How To Access Downloads On Ipad. It uses the proprietary StorSimple 8000 series device. StorSimple data protection features. The administrator uses the serial console and the StorSimple. Protect data to, from, and within clouds Protection and performance via a single platform. NetBackup lets organizations realize the value of the cloud in protecting. StorSimple Snapshot Manager is a Microsoft Management Console MMC snapin that simplifies data protection and backup management in a Microsoft Azure. Storsimple Data Protection Console' title='Storsimple Data Protection Console' />In our previous post, we have walkthrough by using web console and some configuration. Besides than web console, you can configure StorSimple by using snapin that. See pricing details for Azure StorSimple, a hybrid cloud storage service. No upfront costs. Pay as you go. Try for FREE. Simple. For example YOnce a volume group has defined, you will able to configure manual backup orĀ  backup policy. Backup Policy. The backup policy settings is similar look as web console. You can configure Snapshot, Cloud Snapshot or Cloud Clone. Do check out our previous post about the different meaning of each operation. Here you can configure different operation, retention range and scheduling according to your organization requirement. You can specify retention range of the backup and scheduling as well. Once backup start, you can view each backup copies according to different operation. Describes the security and privacy features that protect your StorSimple service, device, and data on premises and in the cloud. StorSimple Data Protection Console Software Release Notes Version 2. August, 2012. Restore or Clone. You can restore the entire volume or create a clone. Select Restore will replace the existing data in that particular volume and Clone will assign another volume with different drive letter and allow you to individual restore an items. Do be careful went use the Restore action. Once you have copied the require item, you can delete the volume. Lastly, you can view the action status from Job. Previous post. Stor. Simple Hybrid cloud storage. Stor. Simple 8. 00. Series. Take a better approach to enterprise storage. Bringing solid state drives SSDs and hard disk drives HDDs together with cloud storage, Stor. Simple 8. 00. 0 Series hybrid arrays take advantage of economical cloud storage for inactive data, while keeping your most mission critical data on premises for the highest levels of performance. The result is enterprise hybrid cloud storage that gives you primary storage, backup, archive, integrated data protection, and location independent disaster recovery. When paired with Microsoft Azure, Stor. Simple delivers massive scaling of storage infrastructure, prevents constant storage sprawl, and optimizes your total enterprise storage efficiency and costs. The Stor. Simple Cloud Appliance 8. Stor. Simple solution in virtual machine form that runs in Azure. The Stor. Simple 8. Astronomy Logbook Software. Azure Storage and virtual machines and is a great alternative to single item recovery. The Stor. Simple 8. Azure Premium Storage and gives you disaster recovery and applications to run in Azure with the Stor. Simple Cloud Appliance. Stor. Simple Virtual Array. Stor. Simple announced the public preview of the on premises Stor. Simple Virtual Array. Its a version of the Stor. Simple solution in a virtual machine form installed in your remote or branch office. It gives you a cost effective, lightweight solution for smaller enterprise environments, while still delivering the fundamental value of the Stor. Simple Hybrid Cloud Storage solution. You can download Stor. Simple Virtual Array from the Stor. Simple Manager, on the Azure portal, and installed on a virtual machine configured on a Hyper V or VMware hypervisor. The Stor. Simple Virtual Array can be configurable as a NAS using SMB or a SAN using i. SCSI device. It will initially be targeted for file sharing, information worker and collaboration scenarios, and small database workloads using a combination of local and tiered volumes. You manage the Stor. Simple Virtual Array from the Stor. Simple Manager service in the Azure portal.